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Top Tips To Protect Your Home

It is believed that burglars are committed opportunists who target homes that look unoccupied, have no obvious security and where they think they will not be seen. By taking the time to assess the security of your house and taking some positive action to upgrade your security you can reduce the risk of your home been targeted if burglaries have occurred on your road or reduce the risk of repeat burglary.


1. General appearance of your house

Don’t allow your garden to provide cover for burglars – make sure your home is more visible to neighbours. Simple actions like placing trellis on the top of fences or growing hostile plants such as the barberis variety can add protection.

 2. Sheds and garages

Consider connecting your shed to your house alarm. Fit good quality locks to your doors and remember to always keep them locked

3. Outside Lighting

There are several types of external lighting systems:

 Low Wattage Lights: Depending on your preference for sensor lights or one that stays on all night, a low wattage economy bulb can cost under a cent per night in electricity.

Floodlights use a sensor which, when it has detected a person in its range, automatically switches on the light.

4. Intruder alarm

An intruder alarm installed and used properly can deter burglars. The sight of an alarm box outside may alone be enough to discourage burglars. It is also essential that you use alarms in the correct way. Remember to turn them on when you are in the home, not just when your home is unoccupied.

5. Valuables

Mark your valuables with your house number and address using a property marking pen, engraver or other marking kit. This effectively devalues your property for a burglar. Valuable items should also be photographed.

6. Are you in?

Try and make your home look occupied when you’re out. Invest in plug in timers for lamps and radios. Tune in your radio to a station which has the most talking.

7. Think security

A little thought about the security of your home can greatly reduce the risk of you becoming a victim or a repeat victim of burglary. Final thoughts on the role building a community of neighbours can play. As well as improving the security of your home and your property, you and a few neighbours can have a significant impact on the security of your immediate neighbourhood. Meet your neighbours and get to know them

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